Jewish Run Kennedy Assaination

“There are indeed in the United States, as in most democracies, hidden centers of power, totally immune from democratic accountability, capable of steering the country’s foreign and military policy by various means such as corruption, propaganda, blackmail, and other more criminal means, but the most influential of these power centers are not ‘American’ in any real sense: the true American Deep State, if you will, is Israel,” notes says Guyenot, author of JFK-9/11: 50 Years of Deep State.

Guyenot, who is a French author and anthropologist, says, “Israel has lodged itself like a parasite in all of America’s power structures. And it is precisely Israel that, in my opinion, is behind the serial assassinations of the Kennedy brothers.” 

Here is the text of the interview with him :

Q: Today is the 57th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. You have directed a French documentary on the assassinations of both John Kennedy and his brother Robert, which is now available in English. Can you first tell us how your research began?

A: My view of the world was turned upside down in 2011 when I realized that the founding event of the 21st century, the 9/11 terror attacks, was a Big Lie designed to start a new world war. I wanted to understand the background of this operation and studied what I call the “deep history” of the United States, which is basically the history of State lies, false flag attacks, and other conspiracies. And whoever digs into that field has to come to grisp with the JFK assassination. It was a real turning point in U.S. history, although few people realized it. Somehow, on November 22nd, 1963, America was assassinated in Dallas, and a satanic demon took possession of its corpse, and it now roams the earth, sowing deception and terror everywhere.

Q: What is the role of the Deep State in the assassination of President Kennedy?

A: I have used the phrase “Deep State” in my book JFK-9/11 published seven years ago. But I now find it problematic. The perpetuation of the official lie for more than 50 years shows that those who assassinated Kennedy wield great occult power. But what is important is to specify the identity of the men who hold it. The phrase ‘Deep State’” is a bit like the Freudian unconscious: it is a deliberately vague expression, which reveals nothing. It is actually deceptive because it evokes some kind of national level of commandment. But the “deep power” that killed Kennedy, or that orchestrated the 9/11 false flag attacks, is not “national” power, it is a foreign power.    

There are indeed in the United States, as in most democracies, hidden centers of power, totally immune from democratic accountability, capable of steering the country’s foreign and military policy by various means such as corruption, propaganda, blackmail, and other more criminal means, but the most influential of these power centers are not “American” in any real sense: the true American Deep State, if you will, is Israel. Israel has lodged itself like a parasite in all of America’s power structures. And it is precisely Israel that, in my opinion, is behind the serial assassinations of the Kennedy brothers.

Q: Investigation by the U.S. government concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin of President Kennedy. What can you tell us about him?

A: Lee Harvey Oswald is a multi-faceted character. In a sense, we can distinguish three Oswalds, and all of them are fake. Upon his arrest in the afternoon of November 22, 1963, he was presented to the world as a Marxist who had renounced his American citizenship after defecting to the USSR and, after returning to the U.S., campaigned in favor of the regime of Fidel Castro. That is the first Oswald. The underlying message was that Kennedy’s assassination had been ordered by Castro or the Soviets. However, the new President Lyndon Johnson stifled this lead by raising the specter of nuclear war, and imposed, in agreement with FBI director Edgar Hoover, the alternative theory that Oswald was a “lone nut”. This is the second Oswald. But research has shown that Oswald’s communism was fake and that he was an undercover agent for U.S. Secret Services. This is the third Oswald, the one endorsed by most Kennedy researchers. 

The most widespread conspiracy theory is that those who organized the Kennedy assassination wanted to blame it on Castro and trigger U.S. retaliation against Cuba, but that Johnson thwarted this plan. This is, for example, the theory of James Douglass inThe Unspeakable. I have shown that this theory does not stand up to the evidence of Johnson’s deep involvement in the conspiracy. My theory is that Oswald’s Communist panoply was meant, not to start a war against Cuba, and therefore against the USSR, but to provide Johnson with a means of intimidating all officials and institutions and demanding that the investigation be quickly closed, for fear that discoveries about Cuba’s involvement lead to a global nuclear war “that could kill 40 million Americans,” as Johnson kept repeating. By the threat of nuclear war, the majority of Americans, although they felt that they were being lied to, accepted that it was probably for their own good. 

“Dimona was certainly Israel’s major reason for eliminating Kennedy and replacing him by Johnson.”In any case, Oswald’s role in the plot is accessory, since he was “just a patsy,” as he once declared to journalists. In most probability, he did not even shoot at the president. Abraham Zapruder’s amateur film, which captured the assassination, proves by the movement of Kennedy’s head that the fatal bullet hit him in the face, which clears Oswald who was behind the presidential limousine.

Given that Oswald was liquidated two days after his arrest, the first thing to do in order to solve the case is to follow the trail of the man who “silenced” Oswald in order to prevent a judgment that might have shed some light on the truth. Oddly, however, Oswald’s killer received very little attention. Even his real name is unknown to the general public. He is known as Jack Ruby, but his real name was Jacob Rubenstein, and he was linked to the Jewish underworld. His mentor was gangster Mickey Cohen, the successor to Murder Incorporated’s godfather, Benjamin Siegelbaum, known as Bugsy. Cohen himself was in contact with Menachem Begin and heavily involved in arms trafficking on behalf of the Irgun, the Israeli terrorist organization, as he actually brags in his memoir.

Q: You have said that the Dallas Jewish community was deeply involved in organizing the president’s visit to Dallas and in the ambush of Dealey Plazza. 

A: Indeed, Kennedy’s trip to Dallas was sponsored by an organization called the Dallas Citizens Council, a group dominated by Jewish businessmen — a kind of front for the local B’nai B’rith section. Kennedy’s welcoming committee in Dallas was chaired by Sam Bloom, a prominent member of the Texan Jewish community, whose name was found in Jack Ruby’s address book. It was Bloom who intervened with the Dallas Police Department to allow the press allowed to film Oswald’s transfer, which gave Ruby an opportunity to shoot him dead.

Q: Your conclusion is that Israel orchestrated the killing of Kennedy. What was Israel’s motive? 

A: I am walking in the footsteps of the late Michael Collins Piper, who was the first to blame Israeli networks for the assassination of John Kennedy, in his book Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. To understand Israel’s motive, Piper relied on several studies that have revealed that Kennedy was determined to stop Israel from developing nuclear weapons. Global nuclear disarmament was Kennedy’s dearest project. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, he had initiated a promising dialogue with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on this issue. So, when the CIA informed him of the nuclear program carried out by the Israelis in their Dimona laboratory, he engaged in a standoff with David Ben-Gurion, who was both prime minister and minister of defense of Israel. Ben-Gurion was convinced that by trying to prevent Israel from acquiring the bomb, Kennedy was endangering the very survival of the Jewish state, to which he had devoted his entire life.

Dimona was certainly Israel’s major reason for eliminating Kennedy and replacing him with Johnson. But there were others. The Kennedy brothers were at the origin of a procedure to reduce the influence of the American Zionist Council by the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938. In October 1963, Attorney General Robert Kennedy gave the AZC a 72-hour notice to register as a “foreign agent.” After John Kennedy’s assassination, the AZC escaped this procedure, and its lobbying division, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (or AIPAC), became the most powerful lobby in the United States, and an indispensable tool for the corruption and intimidation of American elected officials, and for the control of American foreign policy. A third likely motive for the Dallas coup was Kennedy’s support for the Palestinian cause and his sympathy for Egyptian President Abdel Nasser. As late as November 20, 1963, Kennedy’s representative at the United Nations demanded the implementation of Resolution 194 and the return of the 800,000 Palestinian refugees, causing strong protest in Israeli circles. After Kennedy’s death, American foreign policy in West Asia was radically reversed again, without the American public realizing it. Johnson cut economic aid to Egypt and increased military aid to Israel to 92 million in 1966, more than the total of all previous years combined.

Follow the Money

It is often said that Kennedy was killed because he challenged the powers that be.

In 1963, shortly before his death, Kennedy had decided to withdraw U.S. troops from Vietnam because military experts had convinced him that the war was unwinnable.

Obviously, the major shareholders of the corporations of the military-industrial complex were not pleased with this move.

After Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded Kennedy as president, he gave orders to escalate the war.

U.S. troops remained in Vietnam for about 10 more years, and the military-industrial complex earned billions upon billions of dollars, which was the major shareholders’ goal in the first place. They didn’t care who won the military conflict. They were only interested in winning the economic side of the Vietnam War.

Three future U.S. presidents, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George H.W. Bush, were in Dallas on November 22, 1963, the day Kennedy was assassinated.

It is said that this strange coincidence was actually arranged to give the future presidents a stark warning of what would happen to them if they disobeyed orders.

Johnson was sworn in as president shortly after the assassination.

Nixon said he was in Dallas on November 22, 1963 but left town shortly before the assassination. However, according to other accounts, Nixon was attending a meeting of the Pepsi Cola Company at the time the shots were fired, representing the Pepsi Cola Company’s law firm Mudge, Rose, Nixon et al.

George H.W. Bush said he couldn’t remember where he was on the day of the assassination and that he was not a member of the CIA in 1963. However, in an FBI phone memo dated November 22, 1963, he said he was proceeding to Dallas and would stay there until November 23.

When another FBI document surfaced, dated November 29, 1963, which mentioned a certain “George Bush of the CIA”, George H.W. Bush said that another “George Bush of the CIA” was the person the document was referring to. When the other “George Bush of the CIA” was located, he said the document was actually referring to George H.W. Bush.

Kennedy also gave the order to issue new United States Notes, which angered the dark forces that control the Federal Reserve System, which controls the Federal Reserve Note currency.

In addition, Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110, which enabled the U.S. Treasury Department to print silver certificates, bypassing the Federal Reserve System.

It should come as no surprise that the people who own the Federal Reserve System are the same people who own the military-industrial complex.

According to Wikipedia:

“A United States Note is a fiat paper currency that was issued directly into circulation by the United States Department of the Treasury.”

“The primary difference between the United States Note and the Federal Reserve Note is that a United States Note is created by the government directly as a bill of credit, and thus there is no interest for the government to pay for the creation of that dollar. A Federal Reserve Note, on the other hand, is bank currency, and the U.S. has to pay interest on the treasury bonds that it gives the Federal Reserve System in exchange for the right to produce a like quantity of Federal Reserve Notes. This, in turn, increases the tax burden on the people. Abraham Lincoln advocated the use of United States Notes because they avoid the usury and debt multiplication aspects of debt-based currencies, and thus save the government immense sums of interest. Thomas Jefferson also believed that the issuing power of money should rest with the U.S. Treasury, and not the private banks. He noted in the debate over The Re-charter of the Bank Bill (1809) that, ‘…the issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.’”

A limited number of United States Notes were still issued until 1971, but none have been placed into circulation since.

Since U.S. citizens are paying taxes to the U.S. government to pay for their own national currency, it can be said that the United States is a colony of the cabal of bankers who own the private banks that own the branch banks of the Federal Reserve System.

Although Kennedy was seeking power for himself, his decision to issue United States Notes and silver certificates was a step toward independence from the Federal Reserve System.

After all this, the secret government could no longer tolerate Kennedy’s power plays and the decision was made to assassinate him.

The CIA was tasked with carrying out the deed, and Lee Harvey Oswald was set up as the fall guy.

After the assassination, Oswald said, “I’m a patsy.”

Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby on November 24, 1963, two days after the Kennedy assassination, and Ruby died in prison in 1967.

The people who carried out this operation don’t like loose ends.

The Warren Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy endorsed the Lone Gunman Theory, which is largely dependent on the Magic Bullet Theory.

The Magic Bullet Theory postulates that a single bullet fired by Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository passed through Kennedy’s neck, the chest and wrist of Texas Governor John Connally, who was sitting in the limousine with Kennedy, and then embedded itself in Connally’s thigh, causing all of the non-fatal wounds to Kennedy and Connally.

The Warren Commission Report said the fatal head wound that killed Kennedy was caused by another bullet.

Connally’s wife Nellie Connally, who was sitting beside her husband when the shots that hit Kennedy and Connally were fired, never believed the Magic Bullet Theory.

In January 1979, a special U.S. House of Representatives Assassinations Committee reported that a second assassin may also have fired a shot and that there may have been a conspiracy.

There is evidence that the shot that killed Kennedy was fired from in front of him, whereas Oswald was in the Texas School Book Depository, which was behind the presidential limousine.

Dr. Robert McClelland, a physician working at the Parkland Memorial Hospital emergency room, described a massive wound in the back of Kennedy’s head. Some experts have said the size of the wound indicates it was an exit wound, and thus the true assassin would have been positioned in front of the presidential limousine.

Evidence of CIA involvement is provided by a photo of three bums on the grassy knoll near Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination. It turns out that two of the three bums have an uncanny resemblance to CIA agents E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis, who later gained notoriety for their role in the Watergate scandal.

So, it seems that Kennedy was assassinated for challenging the power of the people who own the Federal Reserve System and the military-industrial complex, and specifically for challenging their control of the currency and monetary policy.

This might seem like an outlandish theory, but it’s not more outlandish than the Magic Bullet Theory.