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Cremating at the optimum temperature (1,400-1,800 degrees), the average weighted remains takes 2 to 2 ½ hours. Whether by burial or cremation, 6 million Jews over four years would be just under 9,000 a day rounded up, processed, assassinated, and disposed of.

WWII dead totaled roughly 60-80 million inclusive of deaths to disease and famine. Russian deaths were on the order of 26 million, Chinese deaths were on the order of 20 million.

A combination of propaganda, legal action, bribery, and organized intimidation as well as occasional assassination had created the holocaust myth specific to the Jews. This appears to be been done very deliberately, with the wealthiest Jews supporting a decision early in the war to not ransom all of the Jews without exception, from Germany.

After studying and reading about it for over 25 years, the facts show that…

H occurred — no question — but the “big” H is a total fraud.  About 250,000 perished [the official Red Cross number is 300,000]…mostly from disease and starvation …even normal Germans were starving because of the inhuman US-UK bombing.  No one agrees that humans should be put in labor camps but war is hell.  There were MANY others beside Jews who were put in the camps.  Germany desperately needed that labor force.  Even the Weisel, in his BS book, complained how the Germans made them take ‘three showers a day’ to try to keep them healthy.  Every camp had a small room used to fumigate blankets and prison garb to kill lice.  That was ALL.

The ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz according to Dr. Franzicek Peiper, the Director of the Auschwitz State Museum for 17 years, was an air raid shelter, remodeled by the Soviets under orders by Stalin, AFTER the war, to look like a ‘gas chamber’. Dr. Fred Leuchter went there and, during the tour of the ‘gas chamber’, took scrapings from the walls.  When he returned to the US, the samples were examined.
ZERO EVIDENCE of Zyklon B or ANY poison was found.   (See The Leuchter Report).

By the way, the Bronze Plaque seen by millions of visitors at Auschwitz began by reading (paraphrasing)’ Through this gate (the arch) walked in millions of Jews…over ‘Four Million’ never to walk out.’ Then it was reduced to ‘Three Million’.  Then it was reduced to Two Million’ and today it reads ‘About One and a Half Million’.   Where did the three million go? What is Six minus Three? So, we have an admitted reduction of THREE MILLION but no change in the constant use of the number SIX.

The Germans actually used Zyklon B in their own typhus hospital wards full of patients to try to kill lice.  Nobody died…I had a man on the program who had typhus as a 12 year old in Germany in 1944 and was in a ward when that was that very thing was done. Under full-time use, the existing crematories would have taken 75 YEARS to burn ‘6 million’. They would have fallen down in ruins at that much use from heat and expansion-contraction (physics).  Furthermore, the Germans had no fuel to operate them like that.

Look at the photos of the dead.  Many photos are of German civilians killed in bombing raids (the Dresden monstrosity) and the piles of naked bodies?  If you notice, they are nearly all emaciated skin and bones…they starved and died of typhus. It’s all an incredible, ingenious scam and has been worth a trillion dollars to the jewish state.  They own Hollywood and the media, so it was an easy thing to pull off.   Etc, etc, etc.

A note on naked bodies:The Germans even collected EYEGLASSES from the dead for re-use.Germany was being bombed into oblivion and everything was saved and reused. The clothing was likely gassed and cleaned.

So, WHO, ultimately, was responsible for the suffering of the jews in the labor camps? It was the elite ZIONIST Jews themselves.  Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl, one of  Rabbis in Germany, actually worked a deal in 1942 with the German government to get ALL the Jews out of the camps and occupied Europe for $3 million US.  The Rabbi was overjoyed and immediately went to world Zionist headquarters in Switzerland and apprised them of the offer and asked for the money.  The Rabbi was told (paraphrasing), “Go home, Rabbi. You’ll get no money.  We intend that a lot of Jews (lower class) suffer and die in the war so that we will have world sympathy for most easily establish the state of Israel after the war.”   Rabbi Weissmandl wrote this nightmare up in his 1948 book titled Ten Questions To The Zionists.   Look it up. Read and learn the truth.

Phi Beta Iota: There are three holocausts. The first is the totality of genocide over time inclusive of genocide against every ethnic and religious group. The second is the totality of the horrific deaths of millions (not just Jews who were in fact abandoned by Jewish bankers with malice aforethought) in World War that serves only the bankers — both sides are funded by the same banks and war is a profit center. The allies, not the Germans, created most of the deaths, particularly those by starvation where most of the Jews appears to have died (rather than being gassed). The third and last holocaust is that which the Jews unjustly claim to own to the exclusion of all others, and with grand claims about mass gassing that are unsupported by any evidence what-so-ever.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

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